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File, Document and Photo Organization

Do you have boxes of documents, photographs, notes and other items that are sitting in your attic or basement, waiting for the day you will sit down and organize it all?

With every day that passes, your collection is in danger from the elements in your home. Over time, paper and photographs stored together in ordinary boxes and folders will chemically break down and degrade. They will fade, lose color and become brittle.

Protecting your documents for years to come involves placing them in chemically inert sleeves and storing those sleeves in acid free boxes. Archival products can be expensive and time consuming to use.

Let me organize your precious memories and documents! I will:

  • Place all of your vital documents and photographs in clear archival safe Dura‑Clear Polypropylene sleeves.
  • Digitize and index every photo, document and note in a searchable index.
  • Return everything in archival quality boxes, along with a thumbdrive, DVD or Hard Drive  of the digitized images and searchable index of the contents.


Let me search for your ancestors! I love the hunt and am ready to help you uncover your roots. My experience includes hundreds of hours of research on family lines for friends and family, including adoptions, undocumented partnerships and multiple marriages. I have researched and documented dozens of family trees and am fully equipped to help uncover your roots. I have considerable experience with Will County IL and the northern part of Germany, but significant experience in other locales as well. 

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